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[Software] No Need to Be a Techie! Roborock App Expands Smart Cleaning to Every House with Time & Energy Efficiency


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Roborock has been bringing innovative home cleaning products to our homes for almost a decade. Sold and loved globally by millions of patrons, the company continues to intensely focus on R&D of not only new hardware technologies but also software. In the last year, the Roborock team has developed and improved the app that makes cleaning even more easy.

Many people continue to believe that smart vacuums are for "young" people who know their tech. With a company like Roborock, whose entire vision has been around making smart cleaning more accessible and being the most innovative company in the world, the intuitive app ensures that everyone can not only use Roborock's smart vacuums but use them to make their lives easier.

Cleaning with the Roborock app is easier than you think
Premium robovacs that introduce cutting-edge technologies also deserve equally brilliant software support. After years of getting customer experience feedback, Roborock has now updated its app to make it not only easier to use but meet different life scenarios to fit every home's unique cleaning requirements.

With TAP TAP CLEAN, Roborock's improved app deals with all the customer pain points, including mapping issues. While most smart vacuums now come with mapping and no-go zone features, not all actually follow those rules.

When you get a new Roborock or move it to a new home (or even reset it in the same home), just run the Quick Mapping feature in the app. In this mode, your robovac will build a full map of your entire home and give you clear instructions on the app to help it make the most efficient map possible. For the Quick Mapping session, make sure to:

Open all the doors for all the rooms
Clear obstacles on the floor to enable the robovac to get an accurate map
Do not pick up or move the robovac during this session
This session isn't for cleaning; the Quick Mapping just runs through your house to create a fast and accurate map that will help your Roborock to find the most energy-saving and efficient route to follow while cleaning.


Once the map is generated, your app will show you multiple options to set up no-go zones, edit room names, divide rooms, edit furniture, edit floor type (tile/wood), and set the room order for cleaning. It will also give you smart suggestions for no-go zones, including areas that you may otherwise ignore. These can include:

Thresholds! These are some of the biggest pain points for smart vacuum owners as robovacs try to clean the threshold itself, often causing the paint to chip off. With the app, you can set the threshold as a no-go zone, which will ensure your robovac will only pass through the threshold and would actively avoid it when cleaning.
Steps: These are added automatically as a forbidden zone on the map. No worries about your robovac falling down the stairs!
Repeatedly Stuck: If there are any areas where your robovac gets repeatedly stuck due to wall/furniture placement, the app will remind you to add that as a no-go zone if you'd prefer it that way.
Done with the mapping and dividing issues? Good! Now we can move on to other options in the app that make cleaning easier with a single tap. On the home screen, you can see 3 options to clean: Full, Rooms, and Zones. The Full mode will clean up the whole house that has in included in the map; with Rooms, you can choose which specific room should the robovac go to, and with Zones, you can choose multiple areas, for example, kitchen, living room, and hallway.

Below the map, on the bottom right, you will also see an icon to select the cleaning mode if you want to. This will give you options to choose vacuum-only, mop-only, Vac&Mop, or a custom mode. You can also set up suction power, water flow, and route options to speed up cleaning. These are all optional features for the times you want to focus on selective areas, run a deep cleaning session, or run a super quick cleaning session before your parents show up.

link: https://wccftech.com/roborock-app-expands-smart-cleaning-with-energy-efficiency/


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