Request Reviewer [zewss]


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  1. Nickname : zewss
  2. Age: 19
  3. How much time you can be active on TS3: 8/10
  4. How much you rate Reviewers Project 1-10: 10/10
  5. Why do you want be part of the Reviewer's team: To help the project
  6. Last 5 activities on World of Gaming Section:  
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Start doing your activity from today and don't let me down. You must post on "World of Games" section and read rules too.

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Be a part of Reviewers to take advantage to become staff at CSOS Community



Reviewers Request


Copyright © Mark. (Zeus) (Reviewers Coordinator, Gamblers Coordinator, Musical Harmony Coordinator) 2023


  • Joined CSOS as Super Moderator and Leader of Reviewers Project - 2022 Summer
  • Promoted to Supervisor for being helpful to the community - 2022 Spring
  • Became Reviewers Main Coordinator - 2022 Winter
  • Created a new project "Gamblers" - 2022 Winter
  • Promoted to Administrator Lv 1  for 2 project coordinators, active - 2022 Winter
  • Current Administrator Level 3 out of 4 + Manager of Reviewers





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