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[Sports] World Cup referee for Barcelona vs Liga de Quito for the LigaPro

PP JuKuzai

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This is Augusto Aragón, appointed this Wednesday as Ecuador's representative in the Under 17 World Cup in Indonesia, which will be held from November 10 to December 2. Aragón is 37 years old, he debuted as a central judge in 2017 at the age of 31 and has held the FIFA badge since 2020. He was the second Esmeralda referee to obtain said badge after Segundo Jackson Díaz and has already been in international tournaments. The national referee was in the South American Sub 15 Paraguay 2019 (he officiated two games). Also in the 2020 Copa Libertadores he was in three matches, that same year he directed four matches in the Copa Sudamericana. In 2021 he only refereed two duels in Libertadores and one in Sudamericana, in 2022 he was only in Libertadores once and another two in Sudamericana. On the other hand, this 2023 he was only in the Sudamericana where he was a central judge in five matches.




Since his debut in LigaPro, he has coached 84 matches, including a match in the final for the title in the last three years: 2020, 2021 and 2022. And his severe driving, with yellows, is his strength: he averages 5.5 per encounter. A special magnifying glass will rest on it. Not only because of the importance of the match but because of how questioned the national refereeing is and, especially, because the Idol comes from questioning the performance of Álex Cajas, against Cumbayá, in which he expelled Francisco Fydriszewski and Damián Díaz (/substitute), who received three and four sanction dates, respectively. Barcelona appealed both punishments with a broad defense.







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