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[Mobile Games] Marvel Snap leaks reveal the introduction of Spider-Man 2099 in its next update


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Marvel Snap has been one of the most famous and followed games since its release. The game always comes up with tons of new features that actually attract the crowd but sometimes few changes or updates make some features a bit questionable among fans and thus we can witness a few debatable talks between the fans themselves. So, let us know about some of the recent update leaks and opinions that are witnessed over social media from the Marvel Snap fans themselves. 


Spider-Man 2099 is reportedly going to be a broken cardAs we know, in June, the new season is going to be based on the world of Spider-Man. The season is said to be more focused upon the characters of Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse which is the newest and upcoming Spider-Man movie on 2nd June. In this season, a new card of Spider-Man 2099 is going to be released with a cost and power ratio of 4/5 is now buffed and is set to be released with a cost and power ratio of 4/6. The card has a very great ability, that is when it moves to a location for the first time, it destroys an enemy card. Fans are coming up with mixed opinions and most of the opinions are mostly inclined towards a future prediction. By knowing about the power, ability, and cost of the card, anyone can figure out how powerful this card is going to be.


Based on this, fans have already started predicting that within 3 months of release, this card is going to be nerfed as it will rule the game. Players added by saying that the card will be nerfed and lastly will hold a cost and power of 4/4 or 4/3. Mane fans were also found commenting on this card as “Broken” and “Overpowered with this cost and power”. 

Fans have mixed opinions over the Wave Nerf

Marvel Snap came up with a patch note update on 16th May 2023 where they announced the nerfing of the card of Wave from their end. Previously the card was considered as one of the strongest 3 cost cards, but after the nerfing fans were found coming up with many mixed opinions. Somewhere found stating that the Nerf was not required and the main motto of the card is being demolished. Some fans were also found stating that this is a good decision as other cards got hampered. Later many fans also came up with future thoughts such as one fan stating that Wave had to go nerf as it restricted future design space. But also another leak came up that, if the card of Wave goes too much suppressive then the officials might bring a change in the plan again. This speculation came in comparison with the card of Sandman, as Sandman serves the same purpose but with 2 more energy. As Wave’s ability helps players to get cards for 4 till the next turn after the player has used the card, it helps them to use it as a destructive tool at such an early stage of the game and helps them out to win. 


Final Thoughts 

Marvel Snap has come up with such leaks and speculations before as well. Also, fans have come up with debatable arguments on some previous updates, nerfing, and so on. Marvel Snap always tries to keep up with the words of their players and makes the gameplay experience evenly good without any hurdle for other cards. So, what are your opinions on both above-mentioned updates which are going on throughout Twitter, let us know in the comment section. 



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