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[PC Games] New Valorant agent Iso isn’t Jett, but he might just replace her


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Valorant’s new duelist, Iso, has a new scary ability for players to use just in time for Halloween - here are our first impressions.




  • Riot Games has been consistently shaking up the Valorant universe with the introduction of new agents, and their latest creation, Iso, is no exception. As a duelist, Iso is designed to wreak havoc on the battlefield with his unique abilities, which require a high level of skill and precision to master, making him a perfect duelist choice for players who thrive on mechanical finesse.
  • The tech-enhanced duelist is the 23rd Valorant agent to join the roster of Riot’s FPS game and will land in the game on Tuesday, October 31. Iso relies heavily on the player’s raw aim and mechanical skills, making him a formidable force in the right hands and a thrilling presence in the competitive landscape.




Valorant – Iso abilities

  • Iso’s abilities are a blend of cutting-edge technology and a relentless pursuit of victory on the battlefield, even if it means he has to 1v1 his way to the last round with his kit built around enhancing his gunplay and perfect positioning.
  • E – Double Tap: Activate your focus timer to enter a flow state during which downed enemies you kill or damage generate an energy orb. Iso can then harvest energy orbs from downed or damaged enemies. Shooting these orbs grants Iso a temporary shield that absorbs a single instance of damage from any source.
  • Q – Undercut: Throw a molecular bolt that can penetrate walls and obstacles to catch enemies off-guard. Upon hitting an enemy, it applies the ‘fragile’ status to them, making them more vulnerable to damage.
  • C – Contingency: Iso creates a prismatic energy shield that is indestructible and capable of blocking bullets. This skill is optimal for controlling choke points or providing cover for your team when entering a site.
  • X – Kill Contract: Iso’s ultimate ability allows him to throw a column of energy that teleports him and the first enemy hit into a 1v1 arena. The winner leaves the arena, while the loser meets their fate.
  • When working on Iso, the Valorant development team faced several obstacles, particularly with his ultimate ability. According to agent lead John ‘Riot_MEMEMEMEME’ Goscicki, adding a “new environment to every map for Iso’s ultimate” ability was a lot of work. The team has had to consider how it would work within the chaos game, including issues like a rogue Raze’s rocket hitting the arena or Astra’s ultimate dividing the map through Iso’s ult.



How to play Iso in Valorant

  • Riot described Iso’s gameplay style as ‘precise and confident.’ He embodies the importance of gun precision and is rewarded for it with “unyielding confidence through his shield and slick gunplay,” as noted by Nicholas “Nickwu” Smith, one of Iso’s designers.
  • Iso brings a new powerful set of abilities to Valorant, however his effectiveness largely hinges on the player’s proficiency in precise gunplay, potentially making him a little weaker than intended – especially in the lower Valorant ranks. His ‘Double Tap’ ability, in particular, emphasizes the importance of gun skill and quick reflexes, rewarding only players with precise aim.



How Iso will fit into the Valorant meta?

  • The introduction of Iso could significantly shift the Valorant meta – especially considering the recent nerfs to Jett, who has always been the favorite duelist for the majority of players. With Jett’s decline in popularity, Iso has a chance to take the throne as the go-to duelist in Valorant.
  • But while Iso’s abilities are undeniably powerful, his lack of mobility is a disadvantage, which could be registered by many as a balancing factor for his other juggernaut-like abilities. Additionally other agents, like Neon or Raze, still offer more sought-after utilities, making Iso a less attractive choice. However, the ever-evolving nature of Valorant’s meta means that Iso’s potential impact could change over time and as players continue to explore his capabilities, we may see Iso rise to prominence or settle into a niche role within the game like others before him.
  • A pair of hands with black fingerless gloves conjure fluid purple energy in an idyllic town square setting.




  • Iso undeniably brings a fresh dynamic to Valorant with his unique set of abilities that emphasize gunplay and precision, something FPS players always take in high regard. While his potential dominance in the meta remains uncertain, one thing is clear: Iso offers a new challenge for players to master, and his arrival is sure to stir up the competitive scene. Keep an eye out for Iso when he officially joins the Valorant roster in Episode 7 Act 3, and make sure to load up some of the best Valorant crosshairs – you’ll need them for those 1v1 bouts.




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