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[Life Style]How to Handle a Cat


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Handle kittens regularly when they are between 2-4 weeks old.[1] Handling kittens from a young age is important so they grow accustomed to it. Between the ages of 2-4 weeks, regularly hold your kitten so they get used to socializing with people. Be very gentle and sympathetic while holding your kitten so they don’t get afraid.[1] .
2 Pick the kitten up as follows:[1] Approach the kitten from the side. This is much less threatening to an animal than coming at it front on. Place one of your hands with the palm facing upward on the kitten's belly, just behind the front legs. Place your other hand, again palm facing upward, over the kitten's back to reach under the kitten's belly in front of its hind legs. Pull the kitten close to you and lift. The kitten will feel securely held, and it is because you are giving it good support.
3 Be very careful if you want to handle the kitten by the scruff. The scruff refers to the loose skin found around the kitten's neck, behind the head. The mother cat uses this area to carry the kittens around. Picking up the kitten from here usually won't hurt the kitten because it doesn't weigh much, provided you do so very gently and only use the loose skin with a gentle but firm hold.[1] For more details, read How to hold a cat (or kitten) by the scruff.1 Be aware that not all cats appreciate being picked up, held or handled. If you have a cat that is like this, then you'll just need to deal with it as best you can, and only handle the cat for such occasions as needing to move it, taking it to the vet and giving it medication. You can still groom and pet the cat.Pick the cat up as follows:[2] [3] Approach the cat from the side. This is much less threatening to an animal than coming at it front on. Anitra Frazier also recommends turning the cat to face away from you before picking it up (in other words, approach the cat from behind).[3] Begin by putting your hand forward for the cat to sniff.

This is a sign of respect for the cat and lets it know that you are familiar and calm. Do not make any sudden jerky movements; instead, just rub your fingers and thumb together. Give the cat a scratch between the ears and on its chin or down the sides of the cheekbones. Place your first hand behind the cat's front legs, near the armpits. Lift the cat up, quickly scooping the hind legs up with your other hand, coming in from below. It helps to lift the cat's head up higher than the back part; this will tilt the cat's weight onto your rear-end supporting hand. Bring the cat gently but swiftly close to your body to provide additional support. This reassures the cat that it has plenty of support and will ease a desire to struggle against being held. As much as you can, leave the cat's legs free from the hold. This allows the cat to feel free and gives it a sense of being safe and able to get moving if it needs to; it is also reassuring that its free legs will land first as you put the cat back down. To put the cat back down, tilt the head down so that the cat can see where it's landing.Be extremely careful if using the scruff hold. There is some debate about the acceptability of this hold for adult cats because if it is done incorrectly, it can hurt the cat. As such, some experts recommend that it not be used at all on adult cats.[1] If using this method, always quickly support the hind end with your other hand, to provide additional support and ease the weight pull.[2] If in doubt, you are best not using this hold at all, and it should never be used on a large, heavy cat as the weight may just make it too difficult to do safely. If the cat relaxes when you use this hold, this can be an indication that you are doing it correctly and that the cat is tolerating it. For more details, read How to hold a cat by the scruff.



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