[Hardware] This Razer Keyboard is only $25.99 at BestBuy


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That's really not a bad price for a capable mecha-membrane board.


After spending big over the holidays the last thing you want to do is drop any more money than you have to on things like peripherals. Whether you're complimenting your new holiday setup or simply need a replacement or an upgrade, having to dish out hundreds of dollars isn't exactly ideal. Especially if you've just spent your holiday paycheck on things like presents and some very festive eggnog. That's why we're still at work, scanning the internet for deals, including this very nice price for a Razer Ornata Chroma mecha-membrane keyboard.(opens in new tab)

BestBuy is offering the Razer Ornata Chroma wired mecha-membrane keyboard for only $25.99 USD over at BestBuy(opens in new tab). That's $74 off the listed RRP, but to be fair we rarely see these boards going for that $99.99 ticket price. Instead, these often come down to around $70 or even close to the $50 mark(opens in new tab) which is still a good deal. At half that, there's not exactly much to lose.

Membrane keyboards may not be the tool of choice for many gamers, but this one does a fairly good job of mimicking that mechanical feel. It's not quite there, but that mecha-membrane solution feels a little bit like Cherry's MX Blue switches. At its current price, Razer's Ornata is easily a very nice compromise from a name brand peripheral maker.

The model up for sale is the classic black, but that can be spruced up easily with the RGB effects Razer is known for. That means if you're looking for a subtle office board or a blazing gaming setup the Ornata should do the job. It also comes with a fairly nice little wrist wrest for that extra touch of comfort.

Razer Ornata Chroma| Mecha-Membrane Keyboard | RGB Lighting and wrist wrest| only $25.99 at BestBuy
It's basically impossible to say no to something this cheap, at least for me. If I walked past this in the store I'd probably be compelled to pick it up for no good reason at all. That being said it's a very decent non-mechanical board at a good price. You probably wouldn't regret it. 

When the Ornata first released with its mecha-membrane keys, it was priced at point that had it competing with pure-bred mechanical boards. It was a tough one to recommend at that price when you could get one featuring top-notch mechanical switches(opens in new tab). At $25.99 USD that number one complaint has melted away. Now it's a pretty great keyboard at a very nice price. Though it is a little older than some might like.

And that's not to say you can't get some excellent gaming keyboards to suit your budget(opens in new tab). Even some very nice mechanical ones, but you'll find plenty of membrane based models in that list too.

With 2023 just around the corner and CES soon to follow in early Jan, we're bound to see some new hot tech, and that may even include keyboards. Maybe we'll see something beautiful and pricey like this interactive screen keyboard complete with GPU and CPU to run graphics. What I don't think we'll find, is a keyboard quite matching up to this combination of cheap and good, so I think this one is a fairly safe bet.

link : https://www.pcgamer.com/this-razer-keyboard-is-only-dollar2599-at-bestbuy/






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