[Animals] Dog abandoned outside Iowa airport during holidays adopted by new family


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Allie, the dog that was found tied up outside an Iowa airport after being seemingly abandoned by her previous owner, has found a new home.

The Animal Rescue League of Iowa confirmed in a statement to TODAY.com on Jan. 12, that the one-year-old female pup, who they named Allie, was settling in well with her adopted family.

“We’re happy to tell you that Allie, the dog left at the Des Moines airport, was adopted yesterday (Jan. 11) by a family who saw her at the airport the day she was abandoned,” Natalie Zehr of ARL of Iowa said. “Her new family has already reached out to us with an update, saying Allie is settling in very well.”

The rescue also shared photos of Allie, with a smile on her face, saying goodbye to ARL of Iowa staff.

Allie was found tied up outside the airport on Dec. 29, 2022, after her owner wasn't able to board their flight with her.

ARL of Iowa CEO Tom Colvin told TODAY.com the following day they received a call from airport staff telling them that Allie was abandoned after her owner “tried to go through the flight process without the proper kennel.”

Allie did not have any proper identification when she was found, but authorities had the owner's name. She was then taken to the rescue while an investigation took place.

At the time, Colvin said Allie was in good spirits despite the incident.

“(She’s) very friendly and loved everybody from the airport staff that came out, brought her a blanket, stayed with her, loved her, giving her all the attention until our animal services officers came out and picked her up,” he said. “She’s very sweet.”

On Jan. 3, a warrant related to the case was issued and Allie's previous owner surrendered her to the ARL. Allie then underwent a spay surgery, received a microchip and any other needed veterinary services before she was made available for adoption.

In the police complaint obtained by the Des Moines Register, it stated that the previous owner, a 24-year-old man, was being charged “with animal neglect and care and treatment of animals, a misdemeanor.”

According to Iowa Code 717B.8, a person who commits animal abandonment is guilty of a misdemeanor, with the severity of the punishment dependent on the injuries or harm done to the animal. Per Iowa laws, a person found guilty could pay a fine of at least $105 to $8,540 depending on the type of misdemeanor, with 30 days to 2 years of imprisonment.


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