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[Hardware] The most expensive graphics cards ever come with botched drivers


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The price of graphics cards in recent years has only gone up generation after generation. Said increase in costs should be associated, not only with better performance, but also with better quality software. It seems that AMD and NVIDIA have focused on little used technologies and have forgotten the drivers, which are getting worse.

problema malos drivers nvidia amd

NVIDIA has focused on the development of DLSS and Ray Tracing, as well as adjacent technologies. AMD FSR is the open source DLSS competing solution. We see how both companies have opted for Ray Tracing and technologies that compensate for the loss of frames due to this technology. But, in this very development, they have forgotten about the most important software on a graphics card.
Palpable degradation of driver quality

tarjeta graficas gaming nvidia amd
The drivers are a software plugin that should allow for performance optimization. In the case of gaming graphics card drivers, we should see an improvement in gaming frames. At least, theory and common sense dictate that this should be what these utilities are.

Creating perfect drivers is a utopia, it is normal for certain problems to appear. There are different generations of graphics cards on the market and a wide variety of games and third-party software. That does not mean that problems that are difficult to explain appear.

A few days ago NVIDIA launched a minor and urgent update to correct two serious deficiencies in its latest drivers. On the one hand, the NVIDIA Container generated excessive processor usage after closing the game. It was not the only major problem, since it generated instability with Adobe software, come on, with Premiere and Photoshop.

We have on another line AMD and its Adrenalin 23.2.1 drivers. If the user has a graphics card with an RDNA 2 or RDNA3 GPU, they could encounter a curious case of crashes. Apparently these drivers modify the boot options, doing so from a secondary drive. Such a problem can be easily fixed in BIOS, but this type of problem is rare to say the least.

Intel more or less is spared from all this. Its drivers are still quite green and do not have many notable problems, although they do generate some. They also only have one generation of graphics cards on the market, we'll see when they have several what happens.

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