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[Mobile Game] Discord Is Bringing Its Chatbot Clyde To Life With AI


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Plus, Clyde and AutoMod get an AI-focused update.


Discord is the latest company to dive into the world of AI, introducing an AI-powered chatbot, AI-driven moderation settings, conversation summaries, and more.

Over on its blog, Discord revealed a selection of new features it will be introducing to the chat service. First up there's Clyde, who you've probably seen when making some mistakes in your server. As of some time next week, Clyde will be a bit more lifelike, using OpenAI to be able to answer questions and have conversations with anyone in a server. Like you, Clyde can also recommend playlists, and use GIFs and emojis.


AI-generated conversation summaries are one of the big additions on the way, which are designed with the expressservice of catching server members up on large numbers of chat messages. This is divided into topics, with keyboard shopping and travel plans presented as examples, with a limited number of servers will be able to test the feature starting next week.

The AI updates are also coming to Discord's AutoMod feature. AutoMod currently blocks unwanted messages in a server, which it will more strictly enforce depending on the settings. With AutoMod AI, which also uses OpenAI, moderators will be alerted when server rules are broken, "keeping in 'mind' the context of a conversation." A limited number of servers will be able to use this feature starting from today.

Other smaller additions include avatar remix, which lets users remix each others' avatars using generative image models, and developers can start experimenting with today using the avatar remix code on GitHub. The highly requested shared whiteboard feature is on the way too, which can also turn doodles into AI-generated images through a text-to-image generator.

link: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/discord-is-bringing-its-chatbot-clyde-to-life-with-ai/1100-6512197/

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