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[Gadgest] Denmark earmarks $107 million for frost-resistant small drones for day and night operations


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Dinamarca destina 107 millones de dólares a la compra de pequeños drones resistentes a las heladas para operaciones diurnas y nocturnas


The Danish Ministry of Defense wants to acquire two types of drones that can perform night and day operations. But there are several important requirements for drones.

this is what we know
Both drones need to be compact so that they can be transported in cars. One of the main requirements is frost resistance, as the drones will have to carry out missions in low temperatures (down to -40 degrees Celsius / 14 degrees Fahrenheit). UAVs must also be protected against cyber and electronic warfare.

The Danish Ministry of Defense will take into account flight time, range and data transfer speed when selecting a drone. Specifically, it is stated that the drone must remain in the air for at least 8 hours and have a range of 90 km.

Denmark has experimented with different types of compact UAVs before, but has never used large drones like the MQ-9 Reaper. These platforms are expensive and require advanced infrastructure.

On the other hand, Denmark has territorial claims near the Faroe Islands and northern Greenland. There is practically no infrastructure in these regions. For this reason, the Scandinavian country is considering drones with vertical takeoff and landing, which do not need runways.

The tender provides for the purchase of reconnaissance drones, so they must be equipped with cameras, thermal imaging cameras and laser target designators. Denmark allocates 107 million dollars to the purchase of drones. The bidding will close on March 23.


Source: Defense News




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