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[Politics] Russian parliamentarian: Our strikes against Ukraine are an expression of our sacred hatred, and those who support Zelensky must freeze


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A Russian parliamentarian said on state television that Russia's strikes against Ukraine are an expression of "holy hatred" and that those who support Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky should "freeze and rot".




And the American magazine Newsweek quoted in a report on a member of the State Duma (Russian parliament) Boris Chernyshov as saying, "The retaliatory strikes, which are really retaliatory, are an expression of our hatred and our sacred hatred."

He added that the Ukrainians will sit without gas, without light, without anything else. If the Kyiv regime chooses the path of war criminals, they will have to "freeze and rot there".

He called them out into the street
The Russian parliamentarian called on Ukrainians to take to the streets and put an end to Zelensky's regime, which he described as "Nazi".

Commentators on state television also asked why Ukrainians do not rise up against their president when they are being persecuted.

For his part, former Ukrainian politician Vladimir Oleinik said, "There is no intifada, when it seems there should be."

Zelensky was described as a terrorist
Oleinik went on to describe Zelensky as a "terrorist", saying that he has "all the characteristics of a terrorist".

One commentator pointed out that the Ukrainians would eventually turn against Zelensky after suffering a harsh winter, which would force him to negotiate with Russia.

The host of the program, Roman Babayan, said that Russian strikes against Ukraine's infrastructure must continue because negotiations with Kyiv "will not end well for us," referring to Russia.




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