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News] Price of the dollar in Colombia today, March 15: exchange rate and value in Colombian pesos


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The fluctuation of the United States currency during this week reached its lowest price today. Find out what the price of foreign currency in Colombia is for Wednesday, March 15.




According to the Banco de la República, the Market Representative Rate, which is "the amount of Colombian pesos for one United States dollar and is calculated based on foreign currency purchase and sale operations between financial intermediaries that trade in the Colombian exchange market”, is listed in Colombia for Wednesday, March 15, 2023 at 4,736.03 pesos.

Compared to the previous day, the US currency fell 33.73 pesos, leaving an annual devaluation of the national peso by 24.60%. In relation to last year, the foreign currency rose 935.18 pesos, since according to the historical series of the last twelve months, presented by the Bank of the Republic, on March 15, 2022 the dollar had a price of 3,800.85 pesos Colombians.

What was the fluctuation of the dollar during the last week?
Today, Wednesday March 15, the dollar reached its minimum price during the last seven days, in which it had a maximum rise yesterday with 4,769.76 Colombian pesos. For today, you can buy dollars in the country's exchange houses from 4,600 pesos and sell them for around 4,450 pesos. Remember that this value may vary and will depend directly on the place where you make the purchase.

Wednesday, March 15: $4,736.03 COP.
Tuesday, March 14: $4,769.76 COP.
Monday, March 13: $4,748.14 COP.
Sunday March 12: $4,748.14 COP.
Saturday March 11: $4,748.14 COP.
Friday March 10: $4,748.14 COP.
Thursday, March 9: $4,755.59 COP.
Wednesday, March 8: $4,744.95 COP.
During the year, the fluctuation of the United States currency has produced a devaluation so far this year of -1.54%. However, around 10:00 in the morning today, the dollar experienced a rise of 71.47 pesos above the TRM set for today by the Financial Superintendence, which places it so far at a price of 4.807, 50 Colombian pesos.

For now, the country is experiencing annual inflation of 13.28%, the highest figure since March 1999, which, according to the newspaper Portafolio, ranks us as the country with the fourth highest inflation among Latin American economies. "The annual variation in Colombia reflected a significant increase until February 2023, which was 13.28% compared to February last year, which was 8.01%," he said.




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