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♪ Melody Tunes Return ♪


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Hello Everyone ,


As  you can read in the title we comeback to you with the musical project , this project i am sure everyone know and goes way back to the 2019 years since we created it i remember it like it was yesterday . the point is that for you who loves music this is your place to express yourself and share with us your favorites songs and signers and you will explore new ones with our dear members of the community , we starting slow with the basic categories and the original ideas that started with plus added a little touch  , for anyone who might have some suggestions to the near future or even new ideas we are happy to answer and apply them .


To start with i will explain the project areas in the most clear way and simple so that everyone will easiely understand


1 -Announcements  Announcements and informations about the category it also have news and updates about the project and the staff team of the project .



2 - Viral Today This category is for the music or signers that are viral in the latest days , by viral i mean successful song released or leading the trend.


  • Billboard : Billboard provides music charts, news, video, opinion, reviews, events, and style related to the music industry.
  • Singers News : Simply News of Artists 


3 - Music Refuge Everything related to music 


  •  Weekly Songs ♪ : Share songs on weekly bases .
  • Songs : Post the song you recently enjoy and listen too 
  • Live Performance : Post live performance of a signer that you love .
  • ⚔ Battle Songs ⚔ : Challenge a friend or any community member in 1 v 1 battles , you can also challenge multiple members .


With that being said i am happy to see this project back again in the community we will do out best to manage it well and keep you intrested .

Who ever loves music and wants to participate in growing the project you are so welcome to join us on our journey , this will help you to achieve more ranks in the futures in our community as staff member ( Moderators , Super Moderators , Supervisors , Administrators , Founders ). 


As for the start the project will be led by @MehrezVM as supervisors on the 2 Coordinators @Destrix feel free to contact anyone if you want to join , thank you for reading can't wait to see you with us .


“My music fights against the system that teaches to live and die.” – Bob Marley 

CSOutstanding Administration.

Edited by Destrix
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