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[Theme] New Ramadan Theme


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i am not muslim, but i appreciate the hardwork for your fellow muslim people. i have a lot of muslim friends as well. visual is really good and countdown is really informative as for us to know when should we congratulate. 

and doing theme on special occasions? i absolutelly agree. it will be fascinating to have other religions themes as well on their special occasion. 

good job, i love it

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dimension w dance GIF by Funimation

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Honestly, I think it is the most original theme I have ever seen in my life in a community. 


I can see the effort and hardwork you have put into it. Congratulations!

And I wish Ramadan Mubarak to our dear Muslim friends and members here ❤️

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Ramadan Mubarak 🌙 

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Love it. Moon emojis are like - 😍 🌙

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OK, very nice words and it makes sense to have updated themes for each event no matter the religion. In 1 month easter is coming, waiting to see what theme you'll come up with.

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in everytime l open forum in my few free times, l always got a big smile for this comfortable spiritual view.. " رمضان " word give us passion for the lovely blessing days which is will coming after few hours, super glad to see this brilliant ideas from you... as always creative keep it up always🙏 and may allah all of you will have a great days... a days which it will clean our heart and make us pure insallah from every sin. 

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