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[News] Warzone 2 has amassed over 25 million players in under a week


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Call of Duty: Warzone 2 has barely been out a week, but what a week it's been. The game has already reached a major milestone, reeling in over 25 million players in just five days.

For a recent comparison, Overwatch 2—which was released in early October—took double that time to reach the same player number(opens in new tab). 10 days is still no mean feat, but it shows just how wild it is for Warzone 2 to reach that high a number in such little time.

It goes to show that not even a rocky, buggy launch can slow down the Call of Duty train. In his Warzone 2 review-in-progress(opens in new tab), Noah Smith has been praising new map Al Mazrah as "one of the best" battle royale maps he's ever played. Though the game is "still a massive step up over its predecessor," Call of Duty: Warzone 2 has been struggling with a rough launch and "an agonizingly clunky user interface."

Despite some mighty troubling issues—like a bug that was locking players out unless they bought Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2—people seem to be having a fairly good time with Warzone 2. Perhaps the biggest hype of its launch week was when it turned out Al Mazrah's hidden nuke was real(opens in new tab), with thousands tuning in to watch a streamer setting it off for the first time. When players aren't dropping giant death bombs, they've been carting each other around as wartime Uber drivers(opens in new tab) as seen in a series of heartwarmingly bizarre social media clips. 


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