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[Mobile Game] Pokemon TCG Scarlet And Violet Expansion: The Best Cards We Pulled


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The next Pokemon Trading Card Game expansion Scarlet and Violet--the first set themed around the newest Pokemon generation--arrives at the end of March, and it will introduce new Pokemon, new mechanics, and a whole new look to the long-running TCG.

The 258-card set features familiar faces from the Paldean region, from trainers to Pokemon to even a few locales featured as Stadium cards. A major change coming with the new set that longtime players will notice is the shift from yellow to silver borders, which marks the first time in the game's history that cards outside of Japan will feature silver along the edges of the cards. The silver borders offer one extra benefit, however, as any holographic cards pulled from packs will also shine around the edges.

The Pokemon ex mechanic returns from previous Pokemon TCG sets, with 12 Pokemon receiving special "ex" cards with more powerful abilities. A few of those ex cards are further enhanced as "Tera Pokemon," which add the extra perk of not receiving any damage unless they are in the Active Pokemon slot on the battlefield.

The Pokemon TCG Scarlet and Violet expansion will be available March 31 for prices ranging from $5 for a pack of 10 cards to $60 for premium box sets. We recently opened nearly 50 packs from the new expansion--including some from the Miraidon Elite Trainer Box. These are our favorite cards pulled from those packs.


Koraidon ex
One half of Scarlet and Violet's legendary duo, Koraidon ex packs a massive punch for only three Energy--with the caveat that it can't attack on the next turn. Thanks to its Dino Cry ability, the lack of attack isn't all that bad, as it lets you pull extra Energy cards from the discard pile while forcing the end of your turn anyway.


Miraidon ex (Regular and Gold Variant)
While Miraidon ex also lets you hit for over 200 damage for three Energy--and disables the attack the following turn--the fact that it lets you search for two Pokemon to put on your Bench without immediately ending the turn is powerful. Also, since Tandem Cry is an ability and not an attack, you can do it while Miraidon sits safely out of the Active Pokemon slot.

(Oh, and check out that gold variant. Phew!)

link: https://www.gamespot.com/gallery/pokemon-tcg-scarlet-and-violet-expansion-the-best-cards-we-pulled/2900-4684/#5

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