[Software] Software platform Togetherly launches to combat loneliness and isolation


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Togetherly is transforming the way care providers interact by enabling organisations to deliver cost-effective social interactions to the people they support, via the telephone or internet. Prioritising simple-to-use features, Togetherly makes telephone and online video calls accessible for the third sector and its service users, by streamlining the process of joining a call down to answering the phone or a single tap of a screen. This allows older or disabled users to stay in touch with caregivers remotely, without extensive technical knowledge or skills.

Togetherly’s easy-to-use software platform helps care providers create and schedule a range of one-to-one or group activities including virtual book clubs, weekly football chats and befriending. The platform also empowers organisations to create evidence for future funding and monitor user well-being by providing real-time insights and reporting on activities and attendance.

At the heart of Togetherly’s offering is a commitment to creating a secure online environment. By protecting personal information and keeping phone numbers hidden, it enables service users to participate safely in activities, whilst ensuring care providers can protect the most vulnerable, receiving notifications if further intervention is needed.

Simon Moxon, Founder & CEO of Togetherly, said:

“The launch of the Togetherly platform comes at a time in which the UK is facing an unprecedented social care crisis, with the British Medical Association warning that huge gaps in care available to people will disproportionately affect those most vulnerable in society. With more than a million over sixty fives in the UK going a whole month without speaking to a friend or family member, according to Age UK, and disabled people being three times more likely than non-disabled people to go a full week without contact, Togetherly is helping help care providers continue to reach those most at risk of chronic loneliness.

“With a rapidly ageing population that will result in more older people needing care and fewer working-age people to deliver it, we need new models for the way this care is delivered. Fortunately, some of the care sectors are already embracing digital transformation and understanding the importance of leveraging technology to become more efficient towards reducing loneliness. We’re proud of the work our current charity customers are doing in this field and we hope to reach a million service users together.”

Having previously founded the audio and video conference platform Meetupcall in 2009, Moxon is experienced in the SaaS space and is now passionate about using technology to tackle the complex problem of loneliness. Togetherly has tailored plans for organisations of all sizes and is already in use with care providers such as Sense, Independent Age and Sight Advice South Lakes.

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