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[Mobile Game] PUBG Mobile 2.3 update is coming: Will it resurrect BGMI?


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PUBG Mobile has announced the 2.3 update is coming later this month. The next update will bring a new Royale Pass, as well as new football gameplay in the game. Considering Battlegrounds Mobile India, po[CENSORED]rly known as BGMI, is a clone of the app meant for the Indian market, the update should ideally come to that version. But BGMI is currently under a ban in India, so will the PUBG Mobile make way for an unban? Also Read - BGMI unban hinted by Krafton? Here is what happened

As things stand, Krafton, which owns the PUBG IP and is also the publisher of BGMI, is discussing options with the Indian government to make BGMI accessible in India through legal means. After it was banned in India, BGMI was delisted from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The server access to the game was not blocked, letting users play it. But since the app stores have removed the game, there have been no updates to the game since then. Also Read - Taliban announces ban on PUBG Mobile for 'promoting violence' in Afghanistan


That means, all the updates that PUBG Mobile received after July have not reached the Indian version. Since Krafton has not shared any follow-through on its discussions with the government to unban BGMI, the arrival of the 2.3 update should ideally not happen unless the company has made a breakthrough with the government. Multiple reports have suggested BGMI may return by the end of this year, albeit in a new avatar. Also Read - BGMI ban to lift soon? Krafton says will cooperate with Indian government

The PUBG Mobile 2.3 update is a significant one, so it would make sense if Krafton wants to bring back BGMI with the update. The part about the new avatar of the game, however, is unclear. Maybe the company would launch the game with a new name something one of the prominent YouTubers also said recently. It is also possible that BGMI has a new publisher to avoid any further issues. Details are blurry at the moment, but India is an important market for Krafton, so it is safe to assume it is making some moves to get the ban lifted. In fact, it recently posted some tutorial videos on its website, as well as on a new YouTube channel for BGMI. But whether BGMI will return by the yearend or not is something only time will tell.


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