[News] Government evaluates granting political status to the dissidents of Iván Márquez


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Political recognition would mean that the way to disarm the Second Marquetalia is negotiation and not submission to justice.



Alias Iván Márquez founded the Segunda Marquetalia together with alias El Paisa (now deceased). COLPRESS PHOTO


The dissidents of the Segunda Márquetalia, led by Iván Márquez, could obtain political recognition from the government. According to the Minister of the Interior, Alfonso Prada, the legal possibility is being evaluated so that the deserters of the peace process with the Farc obtain said recognition.


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"The Second Marquetalia has a serious legal difficulty, which is precisely that some describe that it abandoned the peace process and from that perspective it is repeating something that legally has difficulties," Prada said in a press conference and added: "The mechanisms that legally allow us to move towards that path of political recognition of said dissidences”.




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An eventual political recognition of Iván Márquez's dissent would mean that the disarmament process be through negotiation and not submission, as is proposed for this type of structure.


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The official's statements are in contradiction with what was stated by the government on December 31. Then, a decree was released in which President Gustavo Petro claimed to have a bilateral ceasefire with the self-styled "subversive group" and in the document he made it clear that the path left to Márquez and his combatants would be submission. .




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At the time, unlike Márquez's deserters, political status was granted to the dissidents of the Farc General Staff – under the command of “Iván Mordisco” – because it was clear that this group never accepted the negotiation of peace of Havana in 2016.


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"Iván Márquez" was one of the FARC's chief negotiators before the Colombian government in the 2016 Peace Agreement. After a series of investigations against different ex-guerrillas, for repeating illegal activities, the man deserted the process and founded - together with aliases El Paisa, Romaña and Jesús Santrich – the dissidence known as the Second Marquetalia in 2019, a group with a strong presence in the eastern part of the country and in Venezuela.




link: https://www.elcolombiano.com/colombia/gobierno-busca-darle-reconocimiento-politico-a-ivan-marquez-y-la-segunda-marquetalia-AH20504523

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