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[News] League of Legends Neeko disabled thanks to game-breaking tower bug


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A new League of Legends Neeko bug has led to the champion being removed from the MOBA‘s roster for the time being. This comes in the wake of League of Legends patch 12.22, which apparently has altered her Inherent Glamour passive to allow her to transform into different objects on the Rift – including a tower that one-shots enemies.

As we reported yesterday, the latest game-breaking glitch in League’s extensive history has allowed Neeko to transform into a tower. However, it’s not just any tower – it’s a one-shotting monster that mimics the Fountain Laser more than a normal turret.

As Neeko herself says, “who stands in Neeko’s way? Dummies with small sho’ma, that’s who!” Turns out she’s right.

In response to… whatever this is, Riot has pulled the champion from the game. Upon logging in, you’ll be greeted with the bright red exclamation mark bubble at the top of the screen informing you that “we have disabled the following champion(s) due to in game issues and are currently working on a resolution: Neeko.”

Of course, this is the obvious decision. The busted ability was allowing players to net wins in mere minutes, especially given that she was dishing out 1,000 raw damage. Sure, it means no Neeko support for me, but I’m not going to put up a fight about it.

Reddit, however, is having the time of its life. “Neeko Tower has been destroyed,” writes one fan, mimicking the in-game announcer. “I’m so sad. No one bans my champion but Riot,” laments another.

“Neeko rework leaked too soon,” jokes one comment, while a final response reads “I saw one actually lose today, so sad to abuse this s**t and you can’t even manage to win.”

While some bugs are easily squashed, this particular fiend looks like it will require a lot of downtime. It looks like we won’t be able to play Neeko much throughout the League of Legends Preseason 2023, but at least your Ranked games aren’t going to be flooded with people abusing this exploit.

If you’re looking for a new main while Neeko hits the bench, we’ve got a rundown of the best League of Legends champions. Additionally, you can check out how much you’ve spent on League of Legends if you’re a Neeko main who fancies torturing yourself a little more.


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