[Gadgets] A CT gadget guru offers a look at the current tech landscape


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As a certifiable space junkie in addition to his geek-tech credentials, Lon Seidman made the trip last November to Florida’s “Space Coast” to witness the launch of the Artemis I moon shot. As much as the launch spectacle, Seidman couldn’t help but marvel at the footage he was able to capture with his smartphone. From Essex, Lon Seidman is host and CEO of Lon.TV, a YouTube channel he launched in 2012 for gadget and tech reviews. Lon.TV has a base of roughly 320,000 subscribers today. From gizmos for the home to what’s in the pipeline, we spoke with Seidman to get his read on the newest emerging technologies in 2023. 

The video capacity of the iPhone, with each generation, has been getting just a little more than incrementally better. I am carrying fewer things with me because it does what I need. The other thing for me is the Apple Watch. It started off for me as a fitness tracker a couple years ago, but now because of all the integration with Apple Pay, I am using it a lot.


Which new gadget or service has disappointed so far?

The great idea that isn’t quite there is virtual reality and augmented reality. Most people, having lived through two years of Zoom hell, the last thing they are going to want to do is have a screen attached to their head and see people virtually. That said, from an entertainment perspective I have found it is almost the closest approximation to the Star Trek holodeck that I have ever seen. But are people going to walk around with some nerdy-looking thing on their head? They’re still not anywhere near consumer adoption. It would have to be the same look or feel as a pair of eyeglasses.

With the disruptions to supply chains in the past year, what are your thoughts about fast-tracking any purchase decisions?

What I noticed [this past fall] was that the low-end stuff the things that people really needed desperately during the pandemic like cheap Chromebooks and low-cost laptops and that sort of stuff, and webcams which were impossible to get suddenly were not only available in quantity but were getting liquidated. This was months ago. That’s the low end of the market, but things filter upstream. And during the Amazon Prime Early Access sale in October, there were better deals than during Prime Day over the summer. I think what you are going to see this year is availability of electronics that we did not see over the last few years. Even niche items that stuff now is available. 


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