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[Mobile Games] Lionel Messi collaborates with PUBG Mobile on new content


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PUBG MOBILE, one of the most popular mobile games in the world, is pleased to unveil 20 new items featuring the legendary Lionel Messi in the game.


يسي ببجي


The legendary soccer player will make his debut in the game with a set of clothes and special items that will help players unleash their prowess and show their sophistication on the battlefield. Players will become legends themselves with a set of Captain Messi costumes.

Plus accessories with new decorations, umbrellas, pans and other exciting content. The Messi Football Icon Set includes new items, cap, backpack, helmet, frying pan, PP-19 Bizon, Mini14 sniper rifle, MK47, AKM, accessories and grenade.

While Messi Super Legend items include a special set, hat, mask and umbrella. Messi Collaboration items include airplane motifs, hoverboard, Dacia car and motifs. Players can also still get their hands on an exclusive PUBG MOBILE X Messi jersey by participating in the invite-based event.

Hurry up as it is only available for a limited time! Messi said about the collaboration with PUBG Mobile:

It's exciting to see what PUBG Mobile and I have been collaborating on, and I can't wait to see the players put on the cool new outfits. My experience working with PUBG Mobile has been great and I'm proud of the outcome of this partnership, and I look forward to entering the battlefield and using these items myself!

Vincent Wang, Head of Pubg Mobile Publishing at Tencent Games, said:

It was a pleasure to collaborate with Messi, and it is a great honor for us to be able to immortalize his career in PUBG Mobile. This will be a great moment for gamers and football fans alike, and I hope everyone will enjoy experiencing these unique in-game elements.




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