[Gadgets] The best tech support options after you unwrap your new holiday gadgets


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While initially happy after unwrapping the gift be it a pair of wireless earbuds, a streaming stick or new tablet you suddenly realize you may not know how to set it up. Or what if you have issues with it?

Especially if you're not too tech-savvy, chances are you're going to have some questions (nay, challenges) with your new gear.

The good news is you have several options for seeking technical support including many free avenues and so here we look at a few suggestions. 


Turn to the manufacturer
Don't be afraid to reach out to the manufacturer for help. After all, part of the purchase price goes into tech support and customer service, so don't be shy in using it. That, and the manufacturer should also be the best suited to assist you because tech supporters have likely heard the issue before. 

To get help, go to the company's website (like apple.com or dell.com) and look for the tech support area, or do a web search for "(product name) tech support," but make sure it's the actual company you're reaching (look at the URL).

You've got some options on how you want to reach out: phone (if offered) may be fastest, email is convenient (but may take a while to get a reply), or look for a "Live Chat" option on the website to message with someone in real time (though it may be a "chatbot" at first).


Lean on tech-savvy friends, family
If you can, reach out to a tech-savvy family member, friend, colleague or neighbor.

If someone is willing to help you by phone, make sure you have your gear in front of you to follow the instructions right then and there. Better yet, jot down the advice in case it happens again. Nothing beats in-person assistance, so perhaps tempt someone with some holiday treats you just baked.



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