[PC Games] Best Ultrabooks and Premium Laptops 2023

Jennie Kim,

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Whether you’re a student, a professional or just want to stay connected and productive, a laptop is one of the most important tools of the trade. But some are better than others, with excellent displays, keyboards, designs and battery life. If you’re looking for a powerful laptop that easily fits in your bag and doesn’t break your back, you're looking for what some call an "ultrabook."

The “ultrabook” moniker was originally coined by Intel in 2012 and used to refer to a set of premium, super-thin laptops that met the chipmaker’s predefined standards. Much of this occurred as the PC world was first catching up to the original MacBook Air. However, just as many people refer to tissues as Kleenexes or web searching as Googling, the term ultrabook commonly refers to any premium ultraportable laptop, whether it carries Intel’s seal of approval or not. These days, Intel tends to use its Evo standard to label its top ultrabooks, and you'll often see the name on sticker badges alongside Core i5 or i7. 

Of course, there's always new tech coming down the pipe. Intel's most recent chips are its 13th Gen "Raptor Lake" chips. Those are broken into 28-watt P-series chips for performance and 15-watt U-series for the slimmest designs. and we expect to see notebooks with those chips in the coming months. AMD's Ryzen 7000 series chips will compete with Intel with its own U-series. ranging from 15 to 28 watts depdning on on the model.

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