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[News] The censored and dismissed members return to the Citizen Participation Council and speed up the election of the Super. of Banks and return the shortlist for the election of the Judiciary

PP JuKuzai

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The four members of the Council for Citizen Participation and Social Control (CPCCS) who were censured and dismissed by a political trial act against time. They resumed their seats, taking advantage of a precautionary measure issued by a constitutional judge and in a plenary session they resolved to expedite two processes for the election of authorities: they called for a citizen challenge in the appointment of the head of the Superintendency of Banks and denied the shortlist to elect the member of the Council of the Judiciary that represents the National Court of Justice (CNJ). In a surprising event, on the afternoon of this November 23, Hernán Ulloa, as president of the Citizen Participation Council, María Fernanda Rivadeneira, vice president, Francisco Bravo and Ibeth Estupiñán reinstated a last session that was suspended days ago and resolved on the appointment of two State control authorities. The four members were censured and dismissed in a political trial that the National Assembly processed on November 18, but they attended the Council after the night of this November 22 Judge Ángel Lindao Vera, of the Judicial Unit of La Concordia, accepted He is processing a protection action filed by a citizen and issued precautionary measures to avoid -according to what he justified- the affectation of his constitutional rights.





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