[PC Games] JuiShark M.2 SSD Cooler is Taller Than a Low-Profile GPU

Jennie Kim,

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China’s JuiShark has launched another audacious M.2 SSD cooler. The latest model, dubbed the M.2 Four, is the logical successor to last year’s M.2 Three. Surprisingly, this bold company has shrunk the design down a little with this latest generation. However, it is still huge in the world of SSD coolers at 71mm tall, several millimeters taller than a standard modern low-profile graphics card. In addition, making up for its physical shrink, the M.2 Four is bolder than ever, with a choice of three colors and an aRGB fan.

Perhaps the JuiShark M.2 Four has been made a little more compact by adopting a  design tailored for the moderate M.2 heat load. Last year’s model looked a lot like half a tower-style CPU cooler, but with the M.2 Four design, we see something a little more sophisticated, with a custom heatsink fitting snugly into a 2280-sized tray and an aRGB fan completely recessed within the finned structure.


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