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[News] Valorant console is real, confirms Riot job posting


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Valorant has garnered a massive fan base since 2020, roping millions of players from competitor FPS games. Its burgeoning popularity has also made quite a splash on other platforms. From mobile to console players, everyone wants to get a taste of Riot’s character-based shooter, and it seems the developer is listening – Valorant console is coming.

A new job posting has revealed that Riot is developing Valorant for console. While rumours of Valorant mobile and console were plenty, this official posting confirms that Riot is firing on all cylinders to expand its FPS. Currently, Valorant is in need of a senior game designer, meaning the game is still in the early stages of development. So, players must wait at least a year or two before they can enjoy it on Xbox, PlayStation, and other consoles.

This isn’t the first time players have caught wind of Valorant on console. Data miners dug out solid strings featuring PSN and Xbox keywords, piquing the interest of console players. Now, the job posting has confirmed what was just a rumour; Riot is indeed recruiting for Valorant console.

While this is undoubtedly great news, it also comes with valid concerns for PC players. Valorant has been out for over two years and has finally established a stable competitive network. Now, players are concerned that Riot might consider adding crossplay that could potentially harm the gameplay.

If we were to take a wild guess, it’s doubtful Riot would allow crossplay, considering Valorant’s widespread esports scene. It’s crucial for game health and integrity that all competitors have similar gaming devices, but again, nothing is set in stone. For now, Valorant fans are happy that the unique character-based FPS is thriving in 2022.

If you’re new to Valorant, it’s worth checking out the best Valorant crosshair codes before jumping into rank queues. The game continues to become ever more competitive, and breaking into the Valorant Immortal leaderboard is no longer a cakewalk!


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