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[Console Games] Need For Speed Unbound Performance Details Confirmed For Xbox Series X|S


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Need For Speed Unbound is so close we can almost see it barrelling towards us through our rear-view mirrors. EA's latest open world racer hits the streets on December 2nd, unless you pick up the 'Palace Edition' which launches three days early on November 29th (the free Xbox Game Pass Ultimate trial also begins on November 29th!). Ahead of this pair of release dates, the team has broken down how the game will run on Xbox consoles.

There's good news for fans on both Xbox Series X and S. The game will run at full 4K resolution and 60FPS on Xbox Series X, while over on Series S it'll hit 1280p resolution at 60FPS.

It's looking like Unbound will benefit quite a lot from its current-gen-only release, then. The series remained in 30FPS territory throughout much of the last generation, and we're very much looking forward to cruising the streets of Lakeshore at a smooth 60FPS.

Speaking of the streets, the team just dropped a brand new NFS Unbound trailer showcasing some Speed Race gameplay in the title's "most in-depth" look yet.


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