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[Hardware] Your dad will love this custom Nvidia RTX 4090 graphics card


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A new custom RTX 4090 has arrived, and your dad is going to love it. While most third-party graphics cards are clad in RGB lighting, this particular model features a built-in spirit level, something that’ll prove invaluable during installation.

Adding a spirit level to an RTX 4090 solves a very specific problem, one that you’ll have already encountered if you own the best graphics card. The sheer girth of high-end options can cause sagging inside the case, which looks ridiculous and could damage your PCIe slot over time. Using a support stand can prevent your card from slouching, but adjusting things feels a bit like trying to put a shelf up straight.

Enter the Sycom GeForce RTX 4090 and 4080, a new GPU duo that’ll save you reaching for your toolbox (via Videocardz). The custom shroud’s spirit level should help builders install colossal cards without a hitch, all while preventing any annoying discrepancies when it comes to alignment. Fun fact – these models technically alcoholic, thanks to the fluid inside the built-in measuring instrument (a fact your dad may have already shared with you).


Of course, when we say the Sycom RTX 4000 GPU will appeal to your dad, we really mean it’s perfect for DIY perfectionists. That said, it’s also built with frosty temps in mind, as it wields a G-Master Hydro setup that’d give the best AIO cooler a run for its money.

As with most RTX 4000 graphics cards right now, the biggest caveat with Sycom’s offering is price. The 4090 version costs a whopping 597,010 Japanese Yen (around 4,300 USD), while the RTX 4080 variant comes in at around 511,520 JPY (roughly 3,680 USD). Considering you can get an entire AMD RX 6800 gaming PC for the price of one regular RTX 4080, we’d probably advise sticking with something slightly cheaper, unless you’re really into spirit levels and fancy water cooling.


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