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[Mobile Games] Albion Online: Everything you need to know about the shrouds of the Mists


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Albion Online: Everything you need to know about the shrouds of the Mists

True to its name, the Mists of Albion Online are shrouded in mystery. Only the bravest adventurers dare set foot in these mysterious lands, but while the challenges are difficult, the rewards are worth the risk. Players will find plenty to uncover as they unlock the secrets hidden within the depths, revitalising the fantasy sandbox MMORPG's single-player experience in an entirely new way.

In the game's latest Beyond the Veil update, players will stumble upon uncharted territory in Albion Online as the magical Mists welcome travellers into their enchanted purple-tinted lands. While some areas will have no lethal threats, others will allow full-loot combat between players.

There are exhilarating treasures to find as well as majestic beasts to discover in this new realm. You can see what fate has in store for you by venturing into the portals in the open world as conjured by the Will o’ Wisps, but be warned - not everything that glitters is gold…

Once inside the new realm, you can expect to bask in new zones where you can put your might and mettle to the test. There are new mobs to encounter as well as bountiful rewards for slaying new foes.

In particular, new creatures such as the Griffin, the Veilweaver, and the Fey Dragon will be waiting for the most valiant souls to challenge them. Taking these beasts down will reward players with new Artifacts that can be crafted into Fey Armor - Feyscale (Cloth), Mistwalker (Leather), and Duskweaver (Plate). These come with new spells as well, such as the Spider Thread that can slow down enemies or the After Image that conjures an illusion to confuse your foes.

Epic battles aside, the Mists are home to the elusive city of Brecilien as well. Drifting from place to place, this enchanted city doesn't have a fixed location, but once its secrets have been revealed, players can access it via portals in the Mists and the Roads of Avalon. Adventurers can then enjoy the city's Player Islands, Marketplace, Bank and crafting stations.

Speaking of the Roads of Avalon, the update also adds a rework where guilds can declare Hideouts in the Roads as Headquarters. Guilds can then battle over Power Cores to keep their Hideouts powered, or enjoy open-world treasures, Crystal Spiders and more.

Keep in mind that when trying to access the Mists, you'll have to chase after shy Will o’ Wisps until they conjure portals you can access - of course, these portals are extremely unstable, and will close after a period of time to allow only a single player to pass through. More powerful Will o’ Wisps can accommodate two players if you so wish - you can learn more about this in a recent Dev Talk.

Enveloped in a veil of shadows, the Mists are in a constant state of flux, shifting and changing like living, sentient beings. If you feel like you're up for the challenge, you can download Albion Online on the iOS App Store and on the Google Play Store for Android devices today.

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