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[Console Games] Sony reveals the time frame for the launch of the PS6.


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Sony is talking for the first time about the next PlayStation, or PS6, which seems to have started making plans for the titles that will be launched in its era. This came through Sony's statement today, which explains to the European Anti-Monopoly Authority the consequences of completing Microsoft's acquisition of Activision.





Through the statement, Sony said that Microsoft had offered it a deal to launch the Call of Duty game on PlayStation devices until 2027. The game may be withdrawn sooner than that, if that makes sense for Microsoft.

But here is the important part for us in this statement, which is that Sony stated that when the new generation of PlayStation devices are launched, the Call of Duty game will not be available on the device, and this will push many players to move to the competing platform. As stated in the following statement:

By the time SIE releases the next generation of its PlayStation that is likely to be released around [cropped content], it will have lost access to Call of Duty and other Activision games, leaving it highly vulnerable to consumer switching and a subsequent deterioration in its competitiveness.

By addressing the next generation of PlayStation devices, Sony wanted to highlight the problem that could arise in the event of the completion of this deal, as the PS6 will be issued without one of the strongest titles that have always had a role in driving sales of its platforms in global markets.

Of course, Sony does not want this to happen at all, so it is in the process of standing firmly against the completion of this deal to ensure the continuation of the release of the Call of Duty game on its upcoming devices.

Also, this appears as a clear indication that Sony will not release the PS6 before 2028, that is, 5 years from now and 7 years since the launch of the current generation.

This is not the first time that Sony has touched on the next generation of PlayStation devices, as it previously reserved the PS6 and beyond trademark to ensure that it remains owned by it when the device is released in the future.

Do you think Sony will succeed in securing the release of Call of Duty on PlayStation 6?




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