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[News] Ukraine war: How Ukraine restores power after Russian attacks

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There is a business-like synchronisation to Andrii's Kysenko's team as they work on a downed electricity cable in the rural Kherson region.

With a crater only a few metres from the pylon, they're confident a shell was the culprit.

Two months ago, this 100km (62-mile) long powerline cut through the boundary of Russia's occupation.

Since Russian forces retreated about two weeks ago, a typically once in a five-year repair job has become a daily ritual for these engineers.

"Before, work like this was only necessary after extreme weather," explains Mr Kysenko. "Now it's like we're rebuilding the whole cable network from scratch."

They work for Ukraine's biggest energy company DTEK and have so far repaired 50km of this line.

They expect the second half to be more difficult as they near the Dnipro River, where there is increased shelling.

Link: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-63746304

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