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[LifeStyle] Dining across the divide: ‘He’s picked up a lot of misconceptions from the rightwing press’


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They might agree that the current government’s a mess – but will they see eye to eye on cancel culture?

Zoe Williams
Zoe Williams
Thu 24 Nov 2022 12.30 GMT
Isaac, 58, London

Occupation Self-employed fundraising consultant for startups

Voting record Has varied throughout his life, from solid Labour originally, to voting Lib Dem once, and Conservative in recent years

Amuse bouche Won five indoor office golf tournaments in one day


Rishi, 46, London

Occupation University professor

Voting record Lib Dem in 2001 – his first election in the UK – and Labour since

Amuse bouche Rishi is also the director of a contemporary circus, so his main skill is telling other people what to do, but he can manage a little Chinese pole

For starters
Isaac You don’t generally set out for dinner thinking: “I’m going to spend an evening arguing with someone.” Rishi is a lovely person.

Rishi I tried to listen to his arguments, and he engaged with my arguments, too. We had a bunch of different tapas dishes: some fish, some beef, a couple of really nice salads.

Isaac Excellent food – we basically shared everything. We had the padrón peppers, the pan con tomate, the cod. Anchovy, of course. The lemon sole.


The big beef
Rishi He has picked up a lot of misconceptions and, actually, outright lies about what’s happening at universities in terms of cancel culture, from the rightwing press. I work at a university: I tried to relieve him of some of those misconceptions.

Isaac I’m very much of the opinion that if somebody wants to say something offensive, that is their right to do so. I was subject to antisemitic abuse growing up, and I don’t believe it’s had any impact on me other than making me aware that people hold such views. I would rather hear those views expressed than suspect they’re there and not hear them.

Rishi He is Jewish. I’m Asian and I’m gay, and he talked about his experiences of antisemitism. A lot of the debate is not about freedom but about consequences. He said he was at university with a Holocaust denier: “We would argue with him in class, but that didn’t mean we wouldn’t have lunch with him afterwards.” And I said: “If this person wants to deny the Holocaust and nobody wants to have lunch with him, isn’t that a reasonable consequence?”

Isaac I said: “It depends what you mean by consequences.” If the consequence is to whip up a witch-hunt and drive someone out of a job, that is not a reasonable response. That is silencing and intimidation. Freedom of expression shouldn’t extend to silencing people.

Rishi I said: “Yeah, of course, there’s no justification for that.” And I didn’t really go into the fact that that was happening much more to people on the left than on the right.

LINK: https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2022/nov/24/dining-across-the-divide-isaac-rishi


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