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[Hardware] Q3 2022 Discrete GPU Market Share Report: NVIDIA Gains 88% Market Share Hold, AMD Now at 8% Followed By Intel at 4%


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Jon Peddie Research (JPR) has published the full GPU market share report for Q3 2022 that cover AMD, Intel & NVIDIA GPUs. While we reported their full GPU market share report a few days ago, today, we will be talking specifically about the discrete GPU numbers which are just as grim as the full PC share report.

Despite Dwindling GPU Shipments, NVIDIA Gains Discrete GPU Market Share Big Time While AMD Falls Below Single-Digit Figures
During Q3 2022, total PC GPU shipments declined by -25.1% (Y/Y) out of which desktop graphics saw a -15.43% decline and notebook graphics saw a -30% decline. This was termed as 'the biggest drop since the 2009' recision by Jon Peddie himself. More on the overall GPU market share here.


So coming to the discrete GPU market share numbers, the report tells us that the dGPU shipments decline to 14 million units versus 24 million units in the previous year. That's a drop of -41.6% & is quite massive if you consider that the third quarter is usually the strongest growth quarter for PCs. During this quarter, NVIDIA managed to raise its market hold to 88%, a record number followed by AMD whose market hold declined to single-digit figures of just 8%. Intel managed to more or less retain its share hold of 4%, witnessing a 1% decline from the previous quarter but a solid 4-5% gain versus the previous year.


The market saw a large uptick in GPU shipments for a brief two-year period all thanks to the crypto craze but it has been on a decline ever since. Currently, the number has fallen before the 100M unit shipments and doing a breakdown, we can see that all segments are mostly down. The desktop & notebook discrete shipments have taken a landslide fall while the desktop and notebook integrated side remains steady and in line with previous years.

link: https://wccftech.com/q3-2022-discrete-gpu-market-share-report-nvidia-gains-amd-intel-in-single-digit-figures/

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