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[Animals] Animals predict the weather and change weather conditions


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Some wild and marine animals predict the weather and what can be expected of cold, rain and heat, through some behaviors or reactions that appear on them before the aforementioned weather.




In a report published by the American magazine "Red's Digest", writer Leila Narji reviewed some of these animals, and explained the ways they predict weather conditions:

Frogs and toads
Amphibians have - according to the author - the ability to provide information to humans regarding various natural phenomena. For example, the loud sounds made by frogs chirping for a longer period than usual may mean that a storm is about to break out.


العلجوم قادر على التنبؤ بالزلازل (مواقع التواصل)


The toad (mud frog) can predict earthquakes, due to the shifts that occur underground and precede their occurrence, as these changes contribute to changing the chemistry of the ponds in which it lives, which leads to its escape.

Toad is able to predict earthquakes (networking sites)
Toad is able to predict earthquakes (networking sites)
Caterpillars (a caterpillar that represents the second stage of a butterfly's life) that appear in the spring across North America can predict how severe the coming winter will be, and it is said that the darker the brown color in their bodies, the milder the winter.

The author indicated that the cricket is able to predict weather conditions and plays the role of a thermometer, as it is possible to assess the relationship between the ambient temperature and the rate of sound emitted by these insects. If the cricket makes a sound that is repeated thirty times, it is likely that the outside temperature is approximately 21 degrees Celsius. .


صرّار الليل يلعب دور ميزان الحرارة (مواقع التواصل)


Crickets play the role of a thermometer (networking sites)
Crickets play the role of a thermometer (networking sites)
the birds
Old traditions confirm that birds are able to predict the weather. For example, if crows fly in pairs, then the weather should be expected to be good, but if the crow flies alone, that is a sign that the weather will get worse.


تحليق الطيور في شكل جماعات دليل على تحسن أحوال الطقس (مواقع التواصل)


The weather changes that occur before the storm force the birds to crouch rather than fly, and we notice their line-up on an electric wire before it rains or before the severe cold sets in.

We also notice that the birds eat their strength in the morning as soon as they wake up, so that they do not have to search for their food when the weather is stormy, while changes in atmospheric pressure are responsible for driving birds to migrate in spring and autumn.

The flight of birds in groups is evidence of improving weather conditions (networking sites)
The flight of birds in groups is evidence of improving weather conditions (networking sites)
Animals that live underwater gain a sense of changes in atmospheric pressure just like those that live in the sky.


الأسماك تعطي مؤشرات حول تغير الضغط الجوي (مواقع التواصل)

Accu Weather explains that “when rain is near or imminent, atmospheric pressure generally decreases and causes plant particles that were trapped at the bottom of the lake to rise, and when this happens, microorganisms spread in the water and provide food for small fish, and small fish in turn turn into fish food.” The big one, so more fish are jumping in the water than usual.”
Fish give indications of changing atmospheric pressure (networking sites)
Fish give indications of changing atmospheric pressure (networking sites)
The sheep gather - according to the "How Staff Works" website - in crowds to keep warm before the rains, and other theories indicate that their frequent urination in the pens means expecting heavy rain.

Bees and bedding
Insects and birds are the best weather forecasters, and the reasons for this are likely similar to those of birds, such as pressure regime changes that prevent birds from flapping, so low atmospheric pressure may force these small creatures to seek shelter before a storm.


ظهور الدعسوقة في الخارج دليل على دفء الطقس (مواقع التواصل)


The author stated that ladybugs (red and black dotted beetles) are able to predict the weather. If they appear in large numbers, the weather is expected to be warm, and when their numbers are few, it is likely that the weather will be cold, so they gather under the bark of a plant in order to keep warm.

The appearance of a ladybug outside is evidence of warm weather (networking sites)
The appearance of a ladybug outside is evidence of warm weather (networking sites)
The National Geographic Channel explains that spiders seek shelter indoors when the weather outside is about to get cold.
Rabbits, boar and mole
Pigs are said to collect leaves and straw when the cold winter approaches, and a mole digs holes as deep as the cold winter's temperature, while the appearance of a fat rabbit in autumn may indicate that a cold winter is coming.

The author indicates that cows can predict the weather, and it is said - according to the tradition - that when cows lie down in the field, this indicates early rain.

It is also said that any angle the cow faces while standing has a special meaning, and that the tail facing west means that the sky is clear, while the tail directed to the east indicates that the weather is likely to become more difficult.




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