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[News] "We taught the rioters a lesson in Gujarat." The Indian Interior Minister ignites anger with a statement about a previous massacre of Muslims


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A wave of anger erupted on social media platforms in India during the past hours, after circulating a new statement by Interior Minister Amit Shah about one of the massacres that Muslims were subjected to in this country.

Shah said - during one of the electoral conferences of the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party - that the government "taught the rioters a lesson" in the Gujarat incident in 2002.


Demonstrators hold placards during a protest against what they say is hate speech against Muslims by Hindu leaders, in New Delhi


The violence in Gujarat - one of the worst religious riots in India - has killed more than a thousand people, most of them Muslims, and displaced tens of thousands of Muslims, and those unrest erupted after a fire broke out on a train carrying Hindu visitors that killed 60 who are they.

It is noteworthy that in 2011, a former senior officer in the Gujarat police - named Sanjeev Bhatt - filed a lawsuit with the Constitutional Court accusing Modi of being behind the massacre of Muslims that occurred in 2002.

Bhatt said in his lawsuit that Modi said in an official meeting with police chiefs that the Muslim community should be taught a "lesson" because of the train burning incident, which is similar to the statement of the Minister of Interior.


After 20 years, (Amit Shah), the current Home Minister of Modi's government, stood in the same state, to say yesterday, Friday, during one of the electoral conferences of the ruling party, that the government taught the "rioters" a harsh lesson in 2002, and because of that peace has prevailed in the state for the past two decades.

Amit Shah's statements ignited the Indian cyberspace, and a number of activists and bloggers considered it an attack on the Indian Muslim community, and some described it as evidence of the Bharatiya Janata government and Modi's involvement in the Gujarat events.

Indian journalist Rana Ayyub - who wrote a book on the Gujarat events - referred to Amit Shah's statements, and asked: If the world needs more evidence, referring to the ruling party's involvement in that massacre.

Shama Mohamed, a spokesperson for the opposition National Congress Party, criticized Shah's remarks in a tweet, saying fanning communal flames and fanning polarization for electoral gains has been the BJP's modus operandi for decades now.

Indian lawyer and activist Deepaka Nath sent a message to the prime minister saying, "Instead of pretending to respect the constitution and lecturing us about it, you should sack Amit Shah for delivering hate speech privately admitting to violence in Gujarat" in 2002.

For her part, journalist Ria said in her tweet, "This is a frank public admission by the Home Minister. Amit Shah admits that the Bharatiya Janata Party had a major role in the 2002 riots."




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