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[LifeStyle] Don't overwhelm your vacation with travel baggage.. 11 air travel tricks with the smallest bag


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The air travel experience may not be without exhausting waiting in long lines crowded with bags and luggage, and weighing, checking and inspection procedures; As well as the possibility of lost or delayed bags.




Last summer witnessed unprecedented chaos in air travel, after the lifting of the closure restrictions imposed by the Corona pandemic; The world's airports were crowded, bags were piled up, and many luggage was lost. Lost baggage claims from insurance companies increased by 30%.

Therefore, Phil Dengler, a travel expert, advises adopting a strategy that saves money and reduces stress while traveling by plane. It boils down to avoiding traveling with a large bag unless absolutely necessary to save time, avoid the problems of bulky bags, and not have to wait any longer at the arrival airport.

Putting all the necessary luggage in a carry-on bag may seem difficult for some; But travel experts offer some practical ways to achieve this. Among the most important are the following:

Ensure that hand baggage matches the conditions of the ticket
Before you go to the airport thinking you're only carrying a carry-on bag, only to find out you're being asked to check it, and possibly overpay; Dengler warns that "the sizes of hand baggage and personal bags allowed vary according to the airline," so it is advisable to "check whether your bags comply with the conditions of your ticket, during booking."

There are rules for traveling with carry-on baggage; For example, airlines require that the size of hand luggage not exceed 22 x 14 x 9 inches (59 x 35 x 23 centimeters), and there are rules for the weight of the hand bag, and what is allowed to be placed in it; You can find out from the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

Start early
Packing your bag a day or two early gives you more time to pack everything efficiently. As for waiting until the last minute, you may have to stuff everything randomly; What misses the point of using a single carry-on bag.




Before you start the battle of hard choices about putting things in your carry-on, think carefully about the justifications for taking each item (Shutterstock)
Put what you need, not what you like
Before you start the battle of difficult choices of placing items in your carry-on, carefully consider the justification for taking each item. In this context, Marek Brun, a blogger interested in tourism, stresses that "the key to traveling with hand luggage is to pack only what we need, not what we like." It is advised to exclude 30% to 40% of the necessities that have been confirmed to be needed.

Take advantage of pockets, handbags, and overhead lockers
Dengler points out the importance of prioritizing clothes in packing the bag, and taking advantage of personal items in saving space, "by using the laptop bag - for example - to cram a light jacket or personal items," in addition to allocating things such as extra shoes, or snacks. , or sports or musical instruments, to be placed in the overhead lockers of the aircraft.

As for Paul Jacobs, a general manager in an American travel company, he recommends “putting small things, such as electric razors, watches, or socks, inside the shoes.” Stressing that no things should be left empty, "everything is empty, which means wasted space."

Squeeze or roll the contents
According to Purewow, "Rolling your clothes instead of folding them allows you to fill every section of your bag, take more of it, and be wrinkle-free when you get to your destination."

And at a time when Dengler stresses the importance of “packing each roll with elastic bands, to be more organized and safer when traveling,” suggests Gabby Pickford, award-winning content creator in the fields of travel; Experimenting with airtight pressure bags, "by placing items in them, and sucking the air out of them, to save space as well."

Wear heavier clothing
"Choose the largest shoe that is difficult to fold, and can take up more space in the bag, and wear it during the trip; do the same for clothes, jackets and coats as well, so that there is enough space in your hand luggage," Dengler recommends.

And don't worry about loosening it up, there's enough space in the overhead lockers on the plane; You can also take off your jacket and put it behind you for the duration of the flight.


لا يحق لأمن المطار احتجاز المسافر إذا رفض التفتيش، ولكن يمنعه من السفر(بيكساباي)


Airport security does not have the right to detain the traveler if he refuses to be searched, but he is prevented from traveling (Pixabay)
The best thing you can do to avoid overpacking is to make sure you wear everything you carry (Pixabay)
Leave personal care supplies
Before you start packing things like shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, cosmetics and personal care, keep in mind that they are available within hotel services, or in shops and pharmacies at the destination.

In addition, TSA Airlines, for example, has strict restrictions on liquid substances in carry-on baggage, as containers of more than 3.4 ounces (95 milliliters) are not allowed.

Take advantage of the laundry and ironing service
Laundry and ironing services have become cheap and available in most cities of the world, and there is no longer a need to carry a lot of clothes, "as the same clean and ironed clothes can be worn in the nearest laundromat at the destination, and more than once"; According to travel columnist Laura Ratliff.

Take color compatibility into account
The best thing you can do to avoid overpacking is to make sure that you wear everything you carry; By matching the colors and tastes of clothes and accessories, in the form of limited and varied sets at the same time, ensuring that you change your daily look, with the least amount of clothes.

Avoid thick clothes and socks
If you must take more than one piece of clothing, in anticipation of temperature fluctuations at your destination; It is recommended to choose clothes with lightweight fabrics, which can be layered; Instead of thick jackets and socks.

Take the smallest and lightest
For example, instead of a large and heavy laptop, you can travel with a small tablet; To help lighten loads, and for entertainment purposes or for reading e-books.





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