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[Hardware] BenQ Mobiuz monitor review and evaluation When quality meets outstanding performance


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BenQ EX2710R monitor is the perfect choice for shooter game lovers


BenQ Mobiu


When it comes to video game screens, BenQ leads among all due to its competition in the added features in its products, specifically video game screens.

BenQ Mobiuz presents its modern EX2710R screen with excellent screen dimensions for its size for an enjoyable experience with visual as well as audio features and technologies, as the screen comes with dimensions of QHD 2560 x 1440 with a size of 27 inches, which makes the experience on a screen of the same size better compared to if it had smaller dimensions. Once you increase the number of pixels as an example.




And with a screen that supports a frequency of 165Hz, this means that it has the ability to display 165 frames per second, which makes the video game experience ideal and very smooth in its movement, whether you are a fan of shooting games, racing, games that contain a lot of action, or a content creator, the experience will be smoother and more accurate Specifically with a fast response of 1ms MPRT.

In addition to RPG games, for example, that contain a lot of colors, the screen provides features for it with color display capabilities to increase the aesthetics of colors and show them more with the accuracy of image details.

Complements to the monitor that support its outstanding performance are HDRi technology and AMD FreeSync™ Premium Pro frame matching technology for PCs equipped with AMD graphics cards.

The HDR feature was tested on some supported games after activating the feature from the Windows system, after lightly adjusting the brightness, a very beautiful and distinctive result was reached.

As usual, BenQ monitors include all the features of their fleet of products, from Black eQualizer to Eye Care, with BenQ AMA (Advanced Motion Accelerator) technology.

With a screen curvature of 1000R, it is comfortable for the eye and gets used to it after a long use.
The wire ports behind the screen support two hdmi 2.0 ports - a DisplayPort 1.4 port - with a USB Type B port and two USB 3.0 ports.




Behind the screen, we find a BenQ treVolo headphone consisting of 2.1 with a 5W subwoofer with multiple sound weight options, as an example for cinema and racing games, we notice amplification in the sound by raising the low frequencies, and when changing it to the shooting games mode, we notice a decrease in the subwoofer while raising medium sounds, which players prefer to focus on the movement Enemy steps as an example.

A jack input is provided with the same screen for headphones.
The addition of multi-colored lighting behind the screen is nice, but it is hardly noticeable in a dark room when using the screen with medium to somewhat high brightness.
The base of the screen, as usual, is ideally shaped to take up as little space as possible from the desk, with a fixation that can move the angle, height and lowering of the screen.
It is also a nice addition, which is the cover piece to cover the wire area at the back of the screen, to arrange it and show it properly.

Also with the screen, a remote control was provided so that through it you can control the screen position, control the brightness, activate HDR, in addition to the button added on the screen itself, as well as control the height and sound mode, and others, including the settings menu.

The price of the original BenQ Mobiuz screen ranges to about $700 USD, but if it is found with a display already, this screen is ideal for video game enthusiasts and content makers because it offers many of the required basics and being excellent in size compared to its dimensions and screen frequency of 165hz, it is indeed one of the best screens In terms of the quality and features offered at this price.


Its size is excellent compared to its dimensions of 27 2560×1440.
Support screen frequency 165hz.
Supports HDRi.
Provides a high-performance rear speaker
Final rating - 9
BenQ Mobiuz screen contains all the features required for video game enthusiasts as well as content makers for its color accuracy with smoothness of 165hz frequency and its response speed of 1ms MPRT in addition to the rear speaker and attention to details such as the back cover of the wire outlets and the addition of a remote control that makes this product integrated in all respects for the mentioned categories.





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