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[Software] Free Icecream Video Converter


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This is not the first time that we have shown you the Icecream Video Converter program, as it is a comprehensive and free conversion program that is capable of converting video formats to several different formats, and speaking of the program’s ability to convert video formats to MP3, it is actually able to convert any video clip to an audio file in MP3 format. With ease, as it supports many video formats such as MP4, AVI, MKV, 3GP, WMV, MOV, M4V, MPG and many other formats and converting them to MP3, so do not worry about the format of your video as it is able to deal with it, and the program also provides you with the Trim feature. Select a specific part of the video to extract the audio from that video and convert it to MP3.


برنامج Icecream Video Converter


The program supports Windows operating systems, starting from Windows 7 and up to the latest Windows 11 operating system, so if you are looking for a program that provides you with these features, they are available in this program for free without any charge or annoying ads.

Advantages :
The program is completely free.
The ability to extract audio from a specific part of the video clip.
The program supports many video formats.
The program does not support any annoying ads.
Support operating systems from Windows 7 to Windows 11.
Defects :
You may notice a bit slowness when extracting audio from large video clips.




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