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[Sports] How Argentina qualifies for the round of 16 of the 2022 World Cup

PP JuKuzai

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Of course, if he does not add three against the Poles, he will be behind the Europeans and from there he will depend on others to be at least second. You will need one of these variants: 1) for Mexico to tie (would be down on points) and Saudi Arabia (would be equal on points but down on goal difference). 2) that Mexico (1, -2 goal difference) does not win by more than three goals difference or that if it wins by three, it does not add more goals in favor than the National Team. But there is another not minor variable. If Argentina draws with Poland, they will be eliminated if Saudi Arabia defeats Mexico and reaches six points, winning group C. If they beat Mexico and draw with Poland: If the National Team beats Mexico and reaches 3 points, they can qualify even tying with Poland but depending on others: it would need Mexico to tie (it would reach 2 integers) and Saudi Arabia (it would reach 4). Because Arabia would surpass it in case of victory and Mexico could reach it on points and that would define the goal difference. If you lose to Mexico and beat Poland. He would reach 3 points and would be eliminated, with no chance of reaching those two teams.





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