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[News] America still records 400 deaths per day.. Fauci: We have to forget that the Corona pandemic is over


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The head of the American Institute of Infectious Diseases, Anthony Fauci, said that the idea that the Corona pandemic is over should be forgotten, as there are still about 400 deaths per day in the United States of America.


FY 2023 Budget Request for NIH in Washington


Fauci referred to the continuous development of Corona vaccines and their boosters.

Fauci's statements come at a time when Johns Hopkins University figures indicate that the United States had recorded, as of yesterday, Saturday, more than 98 million confirmed cases of the Covid-19 virus, and more than one million and 80 thousand deaths due to Corona.

American health experts have warned of a significant increase in coronavirus cases across the country, after the Thanksgiving holiday.

Al-Jazeera correspondent Ahmed Hazeem said that Fauci's statements come within the recurring debate between politicians who assert the end of the pandemic in the country, based on the decline in infections and deaths and the high percentage of those who received one dose of vaccination against the virus, in exchange for the insistence of experts and health officials to continue it due to the volume of daily deaths that occur. Almost 400 cases.




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