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[LifeStyle] British writer and actress: This is the sport that middle-aged women should play


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British writer and actress Alexis Strom said that middle-aged women should practice a special sport that enables them to unload the charges of anger, which destroy their mental health and affect their nerves.

Commonwealth Games - Boxing - Women’s Over 48kg-50kg Light Fly - Round of 16 - The NEC Hall 4, Birmingham, Britain - July 31, 2022 Mozambique's Helena Ismael Bagao in action during her round of 16 fight against India's Zareen Nikhat REUTERS/Phil Noble




Strom added, in an article published by the British "The Independent", that she had a peaceful, meek personality, keen to please everyone and not to utter the word "no" in the face of anyone, in order not to hurt the feelings of others.

She stated that this continuous behavior in all situations made her suffer from great nervous pressure, which prompted the doctor supervising her treatment to advise her to practice boxing.

Strom confirmed that she was surprised by this advice that she was not expecting, especially since she was known to have a peaceful personality that rejected violence, but she decided to respond to the advice of her therapist and started practicing this "violent" sport.

She explained that as soon as she started boxing, she felt a significant change in her feelings and behavior, as the nervous pressure on her eased, and she also felt that she was a stronger person who could confront, and that her mental health became better.

In addition to all this, I made new friends especially when I discovered that many women of my age play the same sport.

Alexis advised women to accelerate the practice of this sport, and said that boxing is also useful for victims of assault, because it is capable of creating a spirit of confidence in them and a sense of the ability to overcome difficulties.




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