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[Sports] Quarrel and chaos in Belgium's dressing room after the defeat to Morocco.. Hazard clarifies and Courtois threatens the "leaked expulsion"


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In an angry tone, Eden Hazard and Thibaut Courtois clarified the truth about what was rumored about disputes and clashes in the national team's dressing room, after Belgium's 2-0 defeat by Morocco, in the second round of the group stage of the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.


The Spanish Real Madrid player and Belgium national team captain Hazard denied the outbreak of any disagreements and clashes in the national team's dressing room after the last meeting against Morocco, but he acknowledged the charged atmosphere between the players, which necessitated what he described as "a frank and bold dialogue between the players and all components of the national team."


For his part, the best goalkeeper in the world and the goalkeeper of the "Red Devils", Thibaut Courtois, who leaked news of the clashes inside the stadiums' warehouse, vowed to "immediately expel him from the national team."

And a group of media reports - in Belgium and France - dealt with news that there had been talk and chaos inside the Belgian national team's clothing warehouse, between a group of players immediately after the defeat against the Moroccan national team.

While videos spread on social media showed goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois leaving the field in anger.

Also, the coach of the Belgian-Spanish national team, Roberto Martinez, admitted - in his first statement after the defeat - that there were differences between the players of the national team, which he considered "a normal matter, because the players have known each other for many years, and they have become one family."

Hazard explains
It was expected - according to what is in line with the media committee of the International Federation of Football Associations (FIFA) - that Yannick Carrasco and Artur Tate would attend this media meeting, but the Belgian national team management decided in the end to appoint the two stars of the team, captain Eden Hazard and Thibaut Courtois. , to go out in front of the media, in a move to end the controversy that surrounded the group, and to stop rumors that talk about disagreements between the most prominent stars.

And Hazard acknowledged - on the same occasion - that the players had "good discussions among themselves," and added in this regard: "A lot was said, and we talked for an hour about good things and less good things."

Belgium v Morocco: FIFA World Cup 2022
Eden Hazard in a tackle with Moroccan national team defender Ashraf Hakimi (Anatolia)
He continued, saying: "Now we want to win against Croatia, we have only two days for preparations, and we have to be fully prepared."

The former Chelsea star denied the existence of differences in the dressing room after the loss from Morocco, and said that he spoke with midfielder Kevin De Bruyne after reports said that he said that the Belgium national team was too old to win the World Cup.

Hazard explained, "Nothing happened in the dressing room, and only coach Roberto Martinez spoke. I spoke to Kevin De Bruyne, and he trusts this group."

While Hazard did not hide the disappointment of the players; Because of their level in the first two matches in Qatar, and he stated in this regard, saying: "We have to improve, we cannot perform the performance we want (at this moment), and we have to show it on the field."

Before concluding his statement by emphasizing that "the team still has quality and we are here to win, we lack confidence because of (the inaccuracy of) the last pass and the last dribbling, and we must regain that confidence."

Courtois vows
Immediately after the end of the Morocco match, Belgian media criticized goalkeeper Courtois, describing him as “not in his day.” They also held him responsible for the first goal he conceded from a set-piece that was executed from an impossible angle, and the Real Madrid goalkeeper did not hide his outrage yet. match, but on the other hand, he refuted what he described as "rumors" that were raised after the match.

In the same media meeting, Courtois threatened the promoters of these rumors, and said explicitly that "if it turns out that he is in the Belgian national team, it will be his last day with us."

Courtois, who will play his 100th international match against Croatia, insisted that reports of a rift in camp between the players had in fact motivated them.

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 - Group F - Belgium v Morocco
Courtois on the ground and Morocco's own goal (Reuters)
Courtois continued, "The problem is that a lot of lies have been spread, a situation that does not exist has been described, we are a group that needs to avoid this negativity. Everything was clarified yesterday. Everyone has expressed their opinion openly. Now we have to take action on the field. It's good that we had discussions." Collectively, we said what we thought to each other."

Before concluding his statement by stressing the need to "be honest with each other, and fight for the team on the field," as he put it.

Belgium - ranked second in the world - will have to beat Croatia - next Thursday - to qualify for the final price round, as the "Red Devils" occupy third place in Group F, with a 1-0 victory over Canada, and a 2-0 defeat by Morocco.




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