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[Mobile Game] Apex Legends Mobile Wins iPhone Game Of The Year Ahead Of Underworld Update


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The award-winning mobile game's latest update is bringing fan-favorite Revenant into the fray alongside a chilling new battle pass.

Apex Legends Mobile's mid-season update, Underworld, goes live this evening, kicking off the holidays with a nightmarish new legend and battle pass. But the celebration is starting early for Respawn Entertainment with the announcement that Apex Legends Mobile has won Apple's iPhone Game Of The Year award.


With over 15 million pre-registered players, the win comes as no surprise. The game generated $5 million and was the most-downloaded game in 60 countries during the first week following its launch. Yesterday's release of the Underworld launch trailer has only increased the game's po[CENSORED]rity, as players wait to see how Revenant's addition to the legend lineup changes the mobile game's meta.

The Underworld event is a mid-season update that brings with it all the bells and whistles of a new season, including a new battle pass, seasonal store, playable legend, and in-game events. Later in the season, Underworld will introduce Airdrop Escalation to the game, a mode in which neutral Care Packages stocked with fully-kitted weapons drop far more frequently, leading to what will undoubtedly be even more chaotic gunplay.

Also coming to the game is Second Shot, a mode that gives players a chance to quickly respawn without the aid of their team mates. According to the devs, more events are on the way, and will appear on the in-game event calendar as the season progresses. New store events with festive-yet-fear-inducing cosmetic rewards are also a guarantee, with a new Store Vault update already announced, and more events to come.

Revenant's addition is a guaranteed game-changer, as Apex Mobile gives each legend a unique skill tree with unlockable perks that allow players to tweak each characters' abilities to their liking. Developers announced earlier this season that no mobile-exclusive legends like Fade and Rhapsody would join the roster of playable legends in Season 3, and Revenant's addition seems to confirm this. But the lack of new mobile-first legends doesn't seem to be affecting the game's po[CENSORED]rity, given its domination at this year's App Store Awards. (You can learn more about this year's App Store Award winners here.)

Next, Apex Legends Mobile will face off with the likes of Rocket League Sideswipe and Diablo Immortal at the Google Play Awards. Voting has already ended, with the winner scheduled to be announced tomorrow. While you wait for the winners to be announced, make sure to finish up your Champions battle pass and redeem your Champions Store rewards before Apex Mobile's Season 3.5: Underworld update goes live tonight at 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET.

Apex Legends Mobile is available for download on Android and iOS devices.

link: https://www.gamespot.com/articles/apex-legends-mobile-wins-iphone-game-of-the-year-ahead-of-underworld-update/1100-6509552/

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