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Marvel's Midnight Suns' story draws clear inspirations from the original Rise of the Midnight Sons comic book series from the 1990s in which Blade, Morbius, and Ghost Rider--among others--unite to fight against a recently resurrected Lilith and her army of demons. Developer Firaxis Games' title, however, incorporates more faces from the current Midnight Suns series, such as Wolverine, Magik, and Nico Minoru. In making these changes, it distances itself from the source material's idea that to defeat a monster, you need a team of monsters. Instead, it is a story about the power of friendship between a bunch of misfits, which is forged and strengthed through battle as much as traditional social scenarios. Midnight Suns aims to combine relationship-building with memorable role-playing moments, and the result is a stellar turn-based tactical combat title driven by interesting characters.

Marvel's Midnight Suns begins with the Avengers in a tough spot--the prophesied return of an eldritch god is on the horizon, having been brought about by Lilith, who now leads an army of HYDRA soldiers and demonic children in a war against humanity. The Avengers aren't adequately prepared to tackle such a supernatural threat, so they turn to Doctor Strange and his newest apprentice, Scarlet Witch, for aid. After their first attempt at fighting Lilith goes sideways, Strange introduces the world's mightiest heroes to the contingency plan: the Midnight Suns, a group of young heroes who each wield magical, supernatural, or demonic powers.

That's where your character, The Hunter, comes in. As the child of Lilith, you possess incredible magical abilities, which is what helped you defeat her 300 years ago. That final duel left both you and Lilith dead, but just as HYDRA managed to bring your mother back to life, the Midnight Suns are able to do the same for you. Not content to leave the fate of the world up to others, the Avengers also decide to set up shop in the Midnight Suns' headquarters, The Abbey, to join the fight against Lilith.

The major conflict in Marvel's Midnight Suns is explored through the tried-and-true formula of, "What happens when the old guard meets the new kids?" In Marvel's Midnight Suns, the Avengers have already overcome the likes of Ultron, Galactus, Thanos, and other would-be apocalypses, so they're not particularly eager to get input from a newly formed team of much younger heroes. And the Midnight Suns believe the Avengers are a bloated waste of space for the mission at hand, as the older team is ill-prepared to tackle a magical threat with the science they've relied on for decades.

Marvel's Midnight Suns doesn't do anything new with this kind of storyline, but it does create plenty of interesting moments throughout its 45-hour runtime. Heroes like Iron Man and Captain America find solace in their struggles with their figurative demons from the perspectives of those who have dealt with literal ones all their lives. What does it look like when Tony Stark, who's fully cognizant of his alcoholism and believes he's come to terms with all of the bad life choices he's made through the good he's accomplished as Iron Man, meets Robbie Reyes, a Ghost Rider directly impacted by the sins of Stark Industries that Tony has wilfully ignored? These are the types of questions that Marvel's Midnight Suns asks and answers, and the storylines are regularly intriguing if a little straightforward.

Link: https://www.gamespot.com/reviews/marvels-midnight-suns-review-xcom-superhero-squad/1900-6418006/


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