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[Accepted] Request Recruiment - Kyro


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  •  Nick: Kyro
  •  Real name (Not mandatory to say it): Pitter
  •  Age?: 20
  •  Where are you from?(country and city): country:venezuela city barquisimeto
  •  Describe yourself (at least 30 words): I like to help in projects and help the community grow, I have experience in what I do and what I do, I work daily to be a better person every day.
  •  Note some of your qualities: I am very cheerful, although in serious occasions you have to put a strong hand. I am one of the people who realizes their mistakes and others.
  •  Tell us some of your defects: One of my defects is that on occasions when they touch my feelings that I carry from the bottom I get depressed and sentimental
  •  Had you before any kind of responsabilities(describe it): Yes, I had many responsibilities in another community, I was also in some projects, I won't say the community because most of them already know it, but I had the experience of learning from each one of them.unas de esas responsabilidades fue ser lider de proyectos en la otra comunidad como dije en CS*B*D
  •  Which Games you play? and for how long (per-day)?(each of them): Mostly I play is CS 1.6 I've been playing it since 2013 and since then I haven't stopped. I play mostly 5 hours to 6 or 12 hours to be exact
  •  On which category/categories have you been active lately?(describe your activity): For now I am not in any but I am willing to help the journalist and musical harmony category and those who need help.
  •  Which category/project you want to care off?: I would like musical harmony and journalist
  •  How well you speak English?(and other languages): My English is 80/100 and Spanish 100/100.
  •  Do you use TS3? Do you active on our server?: I will do it for the community
  •  Do you use Discord? Do you active on our server?: yes
  •  For how long can you be active after you get accepted?(days, weeks, months, years): whatever is needed
  • Why you prefer to be staff here?: What's the special thing here? because I see something good here I see growth and to grow you need personnel with experience and activity
  •  Contact methods: gmail @[email protected] or facebook Pitter Gonz
  •  Last request link: fist request
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Name old _Teory_

my experience on servers:
Founder-Owner-Co Owner-Premanager-Elder-Semi elder-Administrador-Moderador-Helper


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