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[Animals] Fishtopher the cat finds forever home after his adoption listing went viral


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Fishtopher, a 5-year-old cat, was reportedly "sad and depressed" as he sat at the Homeward Bound Pet Adoption Center in New Jersey waiting to be adopted.

The "Quiet" "Couch potato" seemed "out of sorts," the center wrote in its Petfinder listing. He would only "eat when he has company," and he "wouldn’t even look up for pictures."

But on Thanksgiving, Fishtopher's luck changed after a tweet sharing his Petfinder profile went viral. The tweet quickly amassed over 168,000 likes and 21,000 retweets. Many people in the replies shared their own cat adoption stories.

Fishtopher's listing on Petfinder.

The shelter said in a Facebook post over the weekend that it received "hundreds of inquiries" about Fishtopher.

On Saturday, Laura Folts, 22, and her partner Tanner Callahan, 24, were the two who gave Fishtopher a forever home.

The couple said they drove two hours from Baltimore to Blackwood, New Jersey, to meet him.

Folts said that they became interested in adopting Fishtopher after seeing the tweet about him. They said they got to the shelter an hour before it opened, and there were eight or nine others who were there to see Fishtopher.

“Knowing he was popular, we drove up to Homeward Bound with some hopes, but knew if not Fishtopher, we wouldn’t come home empty paw’d as we saw a few other cats online that we were considering," Folts said in a message to NBC News. "We arrived early enough to be the first ones and he was adopted!”


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