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[Consol Games] Humankind Coming to Consoles, New DLC Announced


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Humankind, Amplitude Studios' turn-based historical strategy game, is coming to PlayStation 4/5, Xbox Series S/X, and Xbox One on Nov. 4, it was announced during today's Summer Game Fest. It will also make its debut on Xbox Game Pass (it's already available for PC Game Pass).

It's now available for pre-order on console. The game also announced its second paid DLC, Cultures of Latin America, plus a free new patch called the "Bolivar Update."

Expanding further in a blog post, Amplitude said Cultures of Latin America will include six new cultures (Caralans, Nazca, Taino, Inca, Argentinians, and Cubans), two new Cultural Wonders (Teotihuacan Pyramid of the Sun and Maracana Stadium), and four new Natural Wonders (Desert of Atacama, Lençóis Maranhenses National Park, Salar de Uyuni, and Salto Angel). It's now available on on Steam, Epic Game Store, and the Microsoft Store.

Among the improvements announced in the Bolivar Update: "Force Surrender" is no longer mandatory, civics now show their unlock conditions, Natural Wonders have unlock effects, infrastructures show their unexpected yield, and more.

Humankind was first released in August 2021, and was nominated for best sim/strategy game at that year's Game Awards.


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