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[Mobile Games] PUBG reveals the rebuilding of one of its maps and the return of the snowmobile


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The developer of the PUBG game, Krafton, has begun to look forward to redesigning one of the game's maps, which will be relaunched in the near future. Also, this will be accompanied by the return of one of the famous vehicles in the game, the Snowmobile.


The game is rebuilding another map from its previous maps, and the developer shared a first look at the new and improved Vikendi this week. It will be called “Vikendi Reborn” as it has been completely rebuilt from the ground up. It will also be accompanied by the return of the Snowmobile, a vehicle that has been attached to the snowy map in the past and will return alongside the rebuilt Vikendi.

Over the past week, the game's social accounts have been teasing us for the big Vikendi update with posts like the one below that show off mini-screenshots of the Vikendi Reborn map. We can see different points of interest highlighted throughout the broader overview of the map along with a pixelated image showing specific areas that players will likely be able to land in when they play the game on the new map.

The new PUBG map is supposed to be released on December 6th, so we won't have to wait long until we can explore it ourselves.

In addition to this teaser, the trailer also showed the return of the Snowmobile. Based on what we've seen so far, it's just a snowmobile and nothing more. However, it's still worth noting, since the PUBG team says it's been "improved" along with the new map in general.

This means that we should expect the Snowmobile to get modifications that might make touring more exciting than ever.

These teasers are just two of the ones we've had over the past few days, with more being shared across the game's YouTube channel and other social media. The developers recently held their own livestream where they talked more about Vikendi Reborn and gave away some G-Coin as well.

Also, one of the new tools that will be available with the next update is the performance of the “crowbar” or “crowbar” that you will be able to use to unlock locked doors and collect more resources. Also, this tool can be used to fight enemies, as we see in the video below.

The rebuilt Vikendi Reborn map, along with many new content, will arrive in PUBG on Tuesday, December 6, for the PC version. While it will reach the home version on December 16th. We expect that the update details will be revealed within the next few days or at the same date as the expected update.





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